Monday, July 26, 2021



My county wants me.  My county needs me.  I have been summoned for jury duty.

It's really not a big deal.  I enjoy getting an inside look at the process.  It's not the first time.  There was a round of questioning during my last stint, and I got bounced.  I later learned the defense attorney wanted no part of me, something I never let him forget any time I ran in to him at the courthouse.

Here's the rub.  My service falls during a week I have scheduled for vacation.  I'm honest to a fault.  I have no plans, so I didn't try to delay my date with the county.  The questionnaire has been filled out and sent back.  I have to call the night before to see if they need me.  

Let's hope for pleas and settlements, and please do me a favor.  Don't commit any crimes between now and mid September.