Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thursday Scrapple


I recently stumbled across some old "Frasier" reruns on overnight TV.  I had forgotten how funny that show could be.

People who live and work there really should have a say on renaming their street.

I've really tried.  I just can't get interested in the summer games.

Mixed feelings on billionaires in space.  Yes, that money could do a lot of good down here, but the private sector has to take the lead in space exploration.

30 years since Laura Ronning was murdered in Wayne County.  Unsolved homicide.  Tragedy upon tragedy.

I know it has to be done, but why is every road under construction at the same time?

It seems to be happening more often-- see something advertised.  Visit a store that doesn't have it.  Order it on-line.

Am I the only one who isn't comfortable with the Tunkhannock hospital closing its emergency room this fall?

I've seen too many blogs and web sites that review restaurants and food, without giving operating hours and directions.  It's just lazy.

Looks like the state will have one opening day of trout season again next year.  It eliminates confusion and increases fairness.

Jerome Jurenovich is retiring after 40 years in sports broadcasting.  He used to do a daily highlight reel on CNN Headline News, back when it actually did news.  Unmistakeable, high energy delivery and I always enjoyed his work.