Saturday, November 6, 2021

Andy's Angles: Playing in Traffic


It's getting to be that time of the year when everything must go!  I have enough weekend photos to last until I shift to the yearly "Top Ten" in mid December.

I've wanted to do a long exposure shot from this spot for a very long time.  I'm looking down on the Central Scranton/Biden Expressway from the Harrison Avenue Bridge.  There is a rather substantial fence along both sides of the bridge, and that's a good thing, for safety.  It does make it tough for photography.

I couldn't get my tripod close enough to the fence to shoot between the metal spires.  I compromised, almost using the tripod as a monopod and leaning it up against the fence.  Unorthodox, but it worked.

This is the view, 30 second exposure and looking toward downtown.  You can see the Radisson, and then the lights of the WEJL tower on the upper left.  I used my 24 mm lens for this, and it lets in tons of light.