Saturday, November 20, 2021

Andy's Angles: Trail Weekend


Of all the types of photography I've attempted in recent years, long exposures seems to give me the most satisfaction.  I delete more than I show you here.  Here is a recent effort.

I'm in the parking lot of the Fashion Mall, along Business Route 6 in Dickson City.  The camera is pointed south.  The tail lights are headed toward the North Scranton Expressway.  There is a faint trail near the green sign noting the ramp to Interstate 81.  That trail is traffic on the interstate.

This was another attempt with my wide angle lens.  Unlike the Route 315 shots, which is a brighter area, this one was tough to focus.  The wide angle lens is not known for its ability to let in a lot of light, and that's where the focusing issues started.  I'm sure this would be a better shot at dawn or dusk.  Soon!