Monday, November 15, 2021

Follow Up Monday


A few lines on topics I've discussed earlier...

I tried contacting a college professor from 40+ years ago to thank him for teaching me something in 1979 that helped me nail a final Jeopardy question several weeks ago.  Unfortunately, I ran in to dead ends.  Hey, I tried.

Brian Williams leaves MSNBC at the end of the year.  After his lying scandal, NBC management handed him an 11 PM broadcast on MSNBC.  It started off great, but eventually, Williams' show followed the same political ideology as the rest of the network, and I was gone.  Can anybody on TV play it straight these days?   There really is a need for a solid late night network newscast.

This next one is no surprise, but it irritates me nonetheless...  I had to do a fair amount of driving Friday morning, in that driving rain storm.  There is still a frightening number of nimrods who refuse to obey state law and turn on their headlights in the rain.  It's not so you can see.  It's so others can see you!  And, no one pays attention to the speed limit, rain or shine.

Speaking of headlights, it seems more people are using high beams when there really is no need.  If you need high beams to see on a city street, you shouldn't be driving.

I consider myself a well informed individual, and some state representatives around here keep such a low profile, I wouldn't know them if they bit me on the toe.  No one steps up.

I still can't believe people think  Mike Tomlin of the Steelers is a good coach.  I'll concede he has a solid win/loss record.  Why hasn't the team prepared for the future with a solid back up quarterback.  We learned a long time ago that Mason Rudolph is not the answer.