Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Aroma


The big nosed bee can tell you.  the seasons have their own particular aroma.

In the spring, it's flowers in bloom, and the aroma you detect after a rain.

In the summer, it's the smell of a lawn right after a cutting, and barbecues.  For a few weeks, around Independence Day, it's sulfur, all the time,  from all the fireworks.

Fall brings pumpkin spice and dying vegetation.

The vegetation really begins to rot and it is kicked up a notch at this time of year.  Plus, you get the aroma of smoke from fireplaces and wood burning stoves.

One of my tricks when pulling overnight shifts is to go outside for a breath of fresh air and a little extra oxygen.  It wakes you up, fast!  The scent really hit me over the weekend.  Winter is approaching.  I can smell it.