Monday, December 20, 2021

Top Ten Honorable Mention: 2461


As I said yesterday, you knew it had to happen.  It couldn't be an end of year review without at least one train.

This shot works for me on so many levels.

It's a locomotive outside the Von Storch shop in Scranton, taken on an early September morning.  The colors on the engine pop on a sunny morning.  Radio and light tower above, bridge over the tracks on the left.  The lines of the tracks catch your eye and draws you off to infinity.

As I said a few months ago, it almost looks like calendar art.

Some purists might complain there is a lot of wasted space here, and I do get that.  On the other hand, the sky is a great shade of blue, and I wanted to showcase the environment as well as the locomotive-- the trees, the bridge, the radio tower...

Tomorrow, a spirited start to the actual Top Ten of 2021.