Monday, January 3, 2022



Just a few things I should have addressed last year...

"Jeopardy!" is staying with Bialik and Jennings for a while longer.  Good choice.  Both have grown in to the role.

Aren't there better charities than paying for over-hyped fast food chicken sandwiches?

The "Night Court" episodes with John Astin never disappoint.

A coworker and I got in to a Tom Petty discussion last month.  Dang!  He was great!  He is one of those artists who take me back to my treasured college radio days.

Peanut butter Kandy Kakes are as delicious as ever, but what's up with the shrinkage?

Chris Wallace left FOX last month.  He's headed for the new CNN streaming service.  I always thought "FOX News Sunday" was the best of the bunch, even going back to the Tony Snow days.

The words I never thought I'd say:  "I'm really beginning to appreciate olives."

Utter failure:  any effort to stop robo calls and telemarketers.

Shouldn't Urban Meyer have known better?  And, why did Jags management stick with him for so long?

Underrated artist:  Boz Scaggs.

There was nothing wrong with a 16 game NFL regular season.

One of the major thrills in life is getting a Final jeopardy! question when the three geniuses miss it.  I nailed the McCartney/Lennon answer last week!