Thursday, January 27, 2022



I guess good photographers don't have this problem, but let me back up a bit.

I wanted to take night time photos from a location above Scranton for quite a while.  It has to be done with the leaves off the trees because the leaves would obscure the view.

Tuesday was a day off, so I made a pre dawn expedition, through the freezing mist and flurries.  I set up the camera and tripod, and started firing off shots on a variety of settings.  Yes, regular blog readers know I've been doing much more on "manual" these days.

I didn't take a lot, but I took enough, remembering all the advice from internet videos and co-worker Danny.  Each time I looked at the captured image on the camera's back screen, I was disappointed.  I had to be doing something wrong.  Part of me blamed it on the weather.  It was a fuzzy, hazy early morning, and you could see it even in the dark.  Part of me blamed it on incompetence.

Then, I got home and transferred the images from the camera in to my desktop computer. The photos look fantastic on the big screen monitor.  My only adjustments were a little horizon straightening and some slight cropping.  Holy Cow!  I might be making progress.

And that brings us to an issue.  I don't have the blog statistics, but I do know the vast majority of people view on mobile devices-- tablets and phones.  If you get the chance, look at the photos, not just mine, but everyone's, on a large screen.  It really does make a difference.

The photos will be popping up here on a weekend in the near future.

Be well and stay safe.