Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Wednesday Scrapple


What is "Wordle" and why does everyone feel the need to tell me their scores?

Few things beat the high of walking out of a dentist's office after a perfect check up.

Is there anything more sad than a fire where firefighters are killed?  Three died in Baltimore Monday, battling flames at a vacant rowhouse.

I am sincerely happy Britney Spears' life is on a positive path, but I'm really tired of the drama.

I don't watch football, on tv or at a stadium, but that tailgate food really looks good.

First NFL playoff weekend:  awful.

Second NFL playoff weekend:  excellent. 

I do include NFL playoff stories in the weekend morning news broadcasts and those upsets sure were fun.

Tom Brady is more likeable to me now that he is no longer a Patriot.

A spring Land's End catalog arrived the other day.  That's always nice.

Somewhere, Major Lance is smiling.  Congratulations if you understand the reference.

Try getting a human being from the cable company on the phone.  Good luck.  But, if and when you do, they are always very helpful and competent.

Nothing drills a hole in to my stomach lining like the prospect of a weekend snow storm.