Thursday, May 12, 2022

Because I Said So!


The primary election is coming up on Tuesday.  Some newspapers have made endorsements and there will be more this weekend.

My question is, do you care?

I've always had mixed feelings on newspaper endorsements.  As a candidate, I'd rather have the backing than not have it.

As I reader, I just wonder if an endorsement taints coverage.  Yes, the endorsements are on the editorial page, away from the news.  They are clearly labeled as opinion.  But, if you know how the bosses slant, does that trickle down to the reporters?  Do some candidates get favorable coverage because the bosses like them?

I do read the endorsements, and they do have weight for me, especially if it is a well thought out and well reasoned argument.  The primaries can produce some surprises.  You already know the conservative newspapers and the ones that lean toward the liberal side, so there is rarely an eyebrow raised in November.

The bottom line is read everything and then make up your own mind.