Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Election Day


In many ways, this is your typical election day.  There is anticipation in the air and a tightness in my stomach.  Election days are the TV news equivalent of the Super Bowl.

The work flow has changed this year.  I typically do election morning previews, and that will not change this year.  Photographer Jason and I produced them a couple of weeks ago.  Management wisely reasoned that the stakes are especially high this year.  The previews should run than more than just a couple of times on election morning.  I hope they helped you know who's who.

I always had an election morning tradition of a fast food spicy chicken sandwich, no mayonnaise.  Well, the only place in town where you could get one stopped its 24 hour operation when the pandemic hit.  I've been settling for cold Pop Tarts at my desk.  I might search out something else on the way to work, and watch this space for the latest inappropriate choice for breakfast.

My work day will be slightly longer this year, but no big deal.  I won't stop to vote after work.  As an independent, I have to sit this one out.  There will be an afternoon nap so I can be up late to watch the numbers come in and my brethren report them.

Look for a few updates here during the day, and an analysis piece here tomorrow.

Above all, please vote! 

>>>3:00 AM UPDATE:  A quick flurry of activity when I hit the office...  some stories needed to be tweaked and adjusted, reflecting candidates' visits to our area and the latest polling.  Editor Jason is making the necessary changes to the video, and the producers and I are now on the same page.  In case you're wondering, breakfast consisted of a couple of fast food roast beef sandwiches I stashed in the refrigerator yesterday, topped by a cheese danish.  I really do miss my spicy chicken sandwich.

>>>7:30 AM UPDATE:  Well, that didn't take long!  Only 16 minutes after the polls opened, we received the first phone call about malfunctioning voting machines.  The call came from Nanticoke.  Why does Luzerne County have problems with every election?  Two calls from two different polling places in Wilkes-Barre quickly followed.

>>>8:30 AM UPDATE:   Add Plains, Hazleton and Conyngham to the list of places in Luzerne County with voting machine issues.  Why?  Is it the hardware, the software, the training, the people...?  Also, anecdotal evidence shows a light turnout, and I'm surprised.  There are some important races out there.  Are voters burned out?

>>>9:50 AM UPDATE:   More malfunction reports are coming in to the newsroom, and that makes me sad.  Also, there is more evidence that turnout, so far, is light.  I'm sure it will pick up as we head toward poll closing time at 8 PM.  I'm taking a temporary break to record a podcast with Joe Snedeker.  Yes, Mr. Curiosity has finally corralled me.  I believe it's scheduled to drop on Monday.

>>>11:50 AM UPDATE:   I survived my session with Mr. Curiosity, and if you repeat this, I'll deny it.  It was fun.  Producer Lisa put the finishing touches on Newswatch 16 at Noon while I was away, and now it's time to anchor a bit before going home.  By the way, Lisa always does the heavy lifting for the noon broadcast.  By the way, we're still getting indications voter turnout is light so far.

12:40 PM UPDATE:  My work day is done.  I'll be watching the numbers come in tonight.