Thursday, May 19, 2022

It's Here!


There is a lot to like about summer.  But, when you work weekends and overnights, there is a lot to dislike, hence today's angry sun graphic.  This is the time for my standard disclaimer:  Don't cry for me.  I am more than fairly compensated by my employer.  Most aspects of my work schedule are great for me.  This is the life I have chosen.

I keep the same schedule on my days off, which means sleeping in the afternoon and the evening.  Let's take you back to the 12th.  It was a gorgeous day.  Sunny.  Clear.  Low Humidity.  I went out with my camera in the morning and got some really nice photos.  You'll see them here on weekends.

And then, the afternoon arrived.  My bedroom gets the PM sun.  I recently procrastinated on installing the window air conditioner, and I roasted.  The fans just didn't cut it.

I watched Joe Snedeker's forecast the next morning.  Joe called for a warm weekend but a slight cooling trend  ahead.  The air conditioner could wait, but with that sweaty and most uncomfortable night fresh in my mind, I went for it.

The air conditioner isn't super heavy.  It's a smaller model, meant to cool only a moderately sized bedroom, and that's all I need.  It is awkward to lug around, and the window where it works best means moving a lot of things.  If that wasn't enough, I feared aggravating a recent back injury.

I need my sleep, so I wrestled with the bulky unit and got it installed.  Yes, the back was sore afterward.  A pain killer took care of that.

It was a warm weekend.  The installation was not a bad idea.

There is something I should add.  I'm happy I have an air conditioner.  A lot of people have some hot summer nights ahead.

The air conditioner had to go in eventually, so it was best to get it over with.  I'm good until October.

I have considered one of those portable units over the years.  All you do is wheel it where you want and stick a vent hose out the window.  I know people who have them, and love them.  I have also read some bad reviews.  There is more research to do.