Wednesday, May 25, 2022


For a while, Dan Rather signed off the "CBS Evening News" by saying "courage."  That word popped in to my mind recently.

I watched Tiger Woods struggle at the PGA Championship Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  He withdrew after the disastrous third round.  Part of me was sad watching the once great Woods make bogey after bogey after bogey.  On the other hand, I admire his courage to keep at it.

It reminded me of Yankees' pitcher Catfish Hunter in the late 70's.  His arm and shoulder were messed up.  Hunter pitched anyway,  and got his arse handed to him in several games.  It was embarrassing for Hunter and the team, yet he kept going.

It was like the end of Willie Mays' career.   He spent his last two years with the Mets.  Batting averages of .267 and .211.  Mays stayed at the party too long.

While I'm on the reboot topic, they are considering a "Scrubs" remake.  Please, don't.  It was fine the first time around.  It's over.  Let it go.

It seems knowing when to stop and knowing when to persevere is a fine art.  One thing I do know is there are no easy answers.