Thursday, May 5, 2022

State of the Game


I hinted at a baseball entry a few days ago, and here it is.

Baseball is a mess, and let's tick off some of the reasons.

The league is thrilled with money from Apple and Amazon.  Streaming is king, and now some key games are inaccessible to fans.

Some teams aren't even trying to win.

The Oakland A's started dumping payroll before the season started.  They usually wait until June.  Plus, no one is going to the games.  The stadium is a disaster.  A rumored move to Las Vegas would be a good thing.

Legendary, heritage teams like Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and Baltimore are no longer interested in putting competitive teams on the field.

Prices are out of reach and the "fan friendly" days are long gone.

One of the game's signature highlight shows, "Quick Pitch" on the MLB Network, now borders on unwatchable.  The talent has gone down hill, and if I want to watch music videos, I'll tune in another channel.

Add it all up, and it points to a game in serious trouble.