Friday, May 6, 2022

You Tubing It


I don't get much "down time" these days, but when I do, I occasionally tool around YouTube.

Fascinating stuff.

Someone recently dumped a lot of intros to 80's TV sitcoms in there.  They all have something in common.  I don't remember any of them.  The first third of the decade was spent in college.  The rest was dedicated to working bizarre shifts on the radio, so there wasn't much TV time.  They all have something else in common.  They all look simply awful.

There is also a new batch of Siskel & Ebert movie review shows.  Big fan at the time.  Big fan now.  Those two had a passion for film, and it shows.  I know we now have the internet, but it's sad there is nothing even close to Siskel & Ebert now.

I will occasionally watch some old TV game shows, especially some early Pyramids.  As I have noted before, it was a daytime TV game changer:  wild set, loud and brassy music, and big money.  You all know I'm a little strange, but I really enjoy how the big pyramid boxes spin and snap in to place.  It was really evident in those early years.

I especially love watching old election nights.  It was numbers and analysis.  There wasn't as much needless and partisan yapping, and it involved fewer people on the set.  Less is more.  The giants had it all under control...  Cronkite, Smith, Reasoner,  Huntley, Brinkley and Chancellor all managed nicely.  They didn't need a cast of thousands.