Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Are You Kidding Me?


As a newscast producer, my "in" box sees several story pitches from public relations agencies every day.  They are all the same-- someone wants me to do a story on their book or product.  They offer interviews, and in most cases, video.  They all wind up in the same place:  the "deleted" file.  Plus, I block them for wasting my time.

While I didn't do a story on a recent item, it did catch my eye.  The Green Giant vegetable people released a survey showing broccoli is America's favorite vegetable.

I'm calling BS on this one.  Corn was second, followed by carrots, potatoes, and asparagus.  Peas didn't make the top five!  Is the cauliflower craze over?

They're all good, but I never would have guessed broccoli is Amerca's favorite vegetable.

I was like most kids, avoiding broccoli at all costs.  Then, one day in the early 80's, I wound up at a seminar for news media professionals.  After a boring afternoon of running through scenarios that would never happen in a million years, there was a light dinner.  It was standard banquet fare-- a rubbery stuffed chicken breast and a portion of overcooked broccoli.  I didn't want to embarrass myself by leaving the vegetable on the plate, so I ate it.  Much to my surprise, I liked it, and I've been a broccoli fan ever since.  

In fact, I like most vegetables, as long as they're not cooked to death.  I like them with a little crunch left in them, especially broccoli.  I can eat most mushrooms raw in a salad.  You lose me when you cook them.  I can't say I'm an eggplant fan, either.  I'll do green beans, but they don't make my favorite list-- and any vegetable in a can is absolutely hideous.  I saw a statistic the other day that said 90 per cent of the peas sold in the United States are frozen.

Some farmer's markets are already open, and more will soon follow.   I'll have to ask what sells best.