Thursday, June 30, 2022

Slow Down


We ran a couple of stories this week about people collecting back to school supplies, and I think that's great.  That stuff is expensive.  School districts never supply enough, and teachers often pay for it themselves.  This year, add inflation and the rising cost of everything to the mix.  The upcoming school year is going to be a tough ones for a lot of families.

I know charity drives take time, but a part of me is thinking, gee, it's early.  The kids just got out of school.

Colleges and universities are welcoming new students and their parents to campus for orientations.   Once again, that's great.  You can never be too prepared, and I wish they had some of that stuff back in my day.

High school football teams are preparing for those first contests.

Independence Day is here, and "back to school" sales start right after the last sparkler has cooled off.

Look, I'm really looking forward to fall and cooler weather, but let the kids relax and enjoy summer for a while.  There will be plenty of time for all the other stuff.