Saturday, August 6, 2022

Andy's Angles: LRHT


It's been on my list of places to visit for quite a while.  There is a new section of the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail stretching from Parker Street in Scranton to the Throop line, about a mile.

I slapped the 24mm pancake lens on my camera and did a little exploring on a recent brutally hot and humid Sunday morning.

There is a lot to like here-- a gently rolling paved trail, with just a couple of minor slopes.  There is a new approach to the river, near the Parker Street Bridge.  The river needs more of those to become a major recreational asset.

Clearly, this is a work in progress.  It needs a big and safe parking area, that looks like you're heading toward a trail rather than a homicide scene.  A bench or two would be nice.  Some dead wood along the river needs to be removed for a better view of the water.

It was great to see a fair amount of people were checking out the area, and this section of the trail could be among the more popular.  And, please, get a better web site!