Monday, August 1, 2022

Getting It and Not Getting It


Keith Olbermann has a new podcast.  I've long believed Olbermann is one of the most skilled broadcasters of our time, and his last ESPN2 show was "must see tv."

Here is my issue.  The distributor bills it as a mix of news, politics, sports and commentary.  Why doesn't anyone realize that we watch, or listen, to sports to get away the current horribly divisive and downright nasty state of American politics?  News and sports just don't mix.

Johnny Carson tweaked political leaders.  The same for the great David Letterman,  Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert bludgeon.  Regard less of affiliation, it's just hard to watch.  And, after all these years, I still haven't figured out Jimmy Fallon.  Late night TV has lost its joy.

There are a few other things to note before the "publish" button receives a hit...

The NFL Network signed Rich Eisen to a new contract.  Smart, engaging, funny, and not over the top.

TV producer Norman Lear turned 100 last week, and what an amazing career.  Even though most of his shows featured a good deal of screaming and arguing, he did manage to get a lot of important issues on the screen and before millions of American eyeballs.  He changed television and very few people can say that.

Tony Dow died last week.  77.  He was the Beaver's older brother, Wally, on "Leave It To Beaver."  Yes, I still watch.  It takes you back to a part real, part fantasy world.  I can relate to those joyless elementary schools, hanging with friends, riding bikes, harmless mischief and wandering about small town America.  The fantasy involves dads coming home at the same time every day and stay at home moms, who constantly baked enormous chocolate layer cakes.  All in all, the show was harmless escapist fun and Tony Dow was a big part of that.