Thursday, August 4, 2022

Thursday Scrapple


I was listening to the Association's "Along Comes Mary" recently, and what a darned fine song it is-- the music, the lyrics, everything.

Some Major League Baseball teams traded away their best players this week.  Translation:  they quit.  How can you support a team that does that?

I'm really looking forward to the first frost.  In the meantime, just one rainy and cool day would be nice.

Berwick and now Kingston.  You know times are tough when medical facilities try to shut down.

Just about three months until the election.  Expect the nastiness to ramp up significantly.

Aaron Judge is simply having a spectacular year.

What took Will Smith so long to apologize?

If the current sagas in county government weren't so sad, they would be hilarious.

Fall football barely interests me these days, so you can guess how I feel about the XFL and USFL in the spring.

I didn't play Mega Millions.

I've never a had a soon to be discontinued Choco Taco.

Shark bite?  Moot point.  I won't be anywhere near an ocean.