Wednesday, November 16, 2022



It's hard to believe.  There are young people graduating from high school who have never known a life without this blog.  Yes, this humble little effort turns 18 today!

What began as something designed to get more original content to has branched out in to general musings and rather mediocre photography.  While hits received will never rival Google, there is a loyal core of readers.  The number has remained consistent, and I thank you.   The consistency is a marvel because Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have long eclipsed blogs as places to turn for thoughts and ideas.

There are days when coming up with a topic is difficult, but most days I can offer something-- thoughts, feelings, a little news analysis, a little song, a little dance...

I've never really warmed to other social media sites, but I do understand their purpose.  I do pop up there from time to time.  Still, this blog remains my preferred avenue.

On to year 19.