Saturday, November 12, 2022

About the Cover: Streaking Again


It's been a while since I've had light trails here, so the beginning of a long, dark and chilly month seems like a perfect time.

Getting here has been an objective for a while.  This is where Interstate 81, Main Street and Viewmont Drive meet at the Dickson City/Scranton line.  I've had long, straight light trails here before.  I wanted to try something with some curves.

In the header photo, the headlights making an "S" pattern are exiting Interstate 81 North.  The tail lights are moving on the northbound ramp.  Main Street is in the middle.  In these shots, I'm looking toward Scranton.  Viewmont Drive is to the right.

The shot was taken around 4 am on a recent morning.  I was here too early.  I'm sure there would be plenty of traffic as the morning rush hour approached.