Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The Numbers


As this is published at midnight, there is one thing we know for sure.  Josh Shapiro is Pennsylvania's next governor.  He made it look easy.  I felt Shapiro would win easily, but the race would be closer than we expected.  I missed the mark on that one.  Doug Mastriano ran an odd campaign.  He wouldn't do interviews, and we really tried on that one.  He didn't advertise until late in the game.  By then, Mastriano's opponent had already defined him, and there was no coming back.

Everything else is too close to call here at midnight, and that is not a surprise.

A little after 1 AM, the major networks started calling Fetterman over Oz in a close race.  I got that one right, predicting Fetterman could squeak through.  In spite of Fetterman's flaws, Oz just couldn't overcome the perception  that he was a rich puppy killing guy from New Jersey, here to buy a senate seat.

Newcomer Eryn Harvey made a strong show of it in the 121st, but it was an uphill battle against Eddie Day Pashinski.

Another youthful candidate, Alec Ryncavage appears to be headed to the state house in the 119th.  The Republican bested well known Tom Williams in the primary and Democrat Vito Malacari yesterday.

James May lost another election, this time to Jim Haddock in the 118th.  I don't know what May's problem is.  Wrong message?  Are voters still making him pay for being the face of an unpopular Penndot for so many years?

Matt Cartwright leads Jim Bognet in the 8th congressional district.  Cartwright had the advantage of the power of incumbency, a seat on the powerful House Appropriations Committee, and a strong Lackawanna County base.  Bognet had a strong message and he made it close.

Look for updates as we learn more.

We do know that Luzerne County threw a major monkey wrench in to the process when it sent out machines lacking in paper.  How does this happen?

Time to start working on the "Vote 2023" graphics.