Monday, November 14, 2022

Tweet This


The turmoil at Twitter, now under a new owner, is making headlines these days, including stories in the major metropolitan newspapers and the network evening news.

I'm sorry hundreds of people are losing their jobs.

Other than that, who cares?  It's Twitter!

You lived just fine before Twitter first appeared 16 years ago.  You'll be just fine if it goes away.  Does losing that blue verified check mark really impact your life?  You'll likely be better off if Twitter disappears.

There are a lot of problems in the world.

Fears Russia will nuke Ukraine are still out there.

Inflation is out of control.  Some of us can't afford to feed our families, heat our homes, and gas up our vehicles.

Covid-19, RSV, and every other illness.

Have you priced health care?

Read the newspaper obits and take note of all the young people dying.  Drugs.

I'm sorry, but the drama at Twitter is simply not on my list of priorities.