Monday, January 30, 2023



My friend, the Prospector, on Rock 107 does a bit where he asks "Am I a jerk?"  It is essentially awkward situations and his response to them.  Listeners weigh in on whether Prospector did the right thing.  It's a fun segment.

My version today is "Am I an awful person?"

Let me digress.  I give money to charity.  I'm kind to old people and animals.  I hold doors open for people behind me.  I say please and thank you.

Catching reruns of "Deal or No Deal" is occasionally part of my agenda.  GSN runs old episodes at noon.

Here is why I ask if I'm an awful person.  If a contestant doesn't take a reasonable early offer, I root for them to knock out the $1 million dollar briefcase and the other high amounts.  There is no law against making money in this country, but I detest greed.  I enjoy watching those contestants lose, and go down hard.

I had a stock broker, now retired, many years ago.  She always said "You will never be sorry if you take profits."  My history was selling off early with a decent profit.  I could have made more if I kept some stocks longer, but I was satisfied with a nice gain.  I was a risk taker, but not an outrageous one.  A little bit of something is better than a lot of nothing.

"Howie, DEAL!"