Friday, January 9, 2009

Need a Job?

If you'd like a job in the wonderful world of broadcasting, get your resume and demonstration DVD ready. WNEP could have an opening very soon.

I had a few moments to kill yesterday afternoon, and I took one of those on-line health surveys. The goal was to determine your actual age rather than your chronological age. The survey took a bit longer than I expected, and I answered all questions honestly.

When the results came back, it said my "real" age is 8.4 years more than my actual age.

I expected to do poorly, but 8.4 years even surprised me.

That nightly pint and a half of Jack Daniels apparently isn't good for you. Who knew?

A bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit is a bad idea. Since when?

My veins are filled with Diet Pepsi and 5 Hour Energy.

Fiber? What's that?

You mean you can eat stuff raw?

I thought all that salt and alcohol prevents my blood from freezing.

Only kidding about the alcohol and the fast food, but not the 8.4 years.

I will always remember the words of one of the characters on one of the best television series ever, "St. Elsewhere." A patient, Mrs. Hufnagel said "It is better to be despised than forgotten."

See you soon. Maybe.