Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Dan Rather


CBS News did a piece on Dan Rather Sunday morning.  It's in advance of a Netflix documentary on Rather's life.

Growing up, Dan Rather was the man-- intrepid, fearless, a reporter's reporter, with stints in London, the south, Vietnam, Washington...

It all unraveled in 2004 with a botched report on George W. Bush's National Guard record.  A "60 Minutes II" story relied on questionable documents.  It was botched, flawed and sloppy reporting.  A few people lost their jobs, including Rather.  His apology was half hearted, at best.  I never thought Rather fully took responsibility for what happened.  The conclusion on Bush's service record might have been true, but Rather and his team couldn't prove it.  The story shouldn't have been on the air.  It was an embarrassment.

In later years, Dan Rather hasn't been shy about expressing his political views, as is his right as an American.  Let's just say he's reinforced every "liberal media" stereotype in the books.

It just makes me think if any stories during a long and distinguished career at CBS were slanted toward Dan Rather's way of thinking.

Opinion is a dangerous thing.

As always, just because you can doesn't mean you should.

Monday, April 29, 2024



Well, it's happened again.  Another cycle of Keystone College circling the financial drain stories hit the media.  

It makes me sad, and it started a round of thought on institutions.

You thought places like Keystone would always be there.

You believed your corner church would always be there.

You looked forward to your morning newspaper hitting the front porch-- every day.

You had no doubt your childhood friends, childhood pets, childhood haunts, would always be there.

You prayed your family would always be there.

You knew you would always shop at The Globe, Sears, Sugermans...

You believed you'd have the same doctor for life.

You had that unspeakable and indescribable confidence of knowing a close friend had your back.

You encounter the same sad story, and pray it has a different ending.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Andy's Angles: The Airport


I had time to kill between live shots recently at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport, and this is the terminal.

To level with you, this building never did a lot for me, but it gets the job done.

I really miss the old days, when you can go to an airport and actually see the jets take off and land.  I've never been much of a traveler, but I've always found a certain majesty in flight.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Andy's Angles: Infinity


I was playing around with my camera phone, between live shots, recently at Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, and this happened to catch my attention.  It is the covered sidewalk, leading from the terminal to one of the parking lots.

Yes, far from a perfect photo.  I could have done better with my good camera and a tripod, but you get the idea.

Friday, April 26, 2024

Follow Up Friday


I'll keep it short this morning.  I'm on vacation and a weekend is coming.

For some odd reason, I really enjoyed the NFL draft this year and I can't explain it.

The main reason for today's Follow Up Friday is Tuesday's election.  

Statewide turnout was 23 per cent.  23?  Are you kidding me?

Yes, the presidential nominations are sewn up.  Many candidates were running without opposition, which is disgusting in and of itself.  But, many races were contested.  There were ample reasons to get out and vote.  I'm sorry 77 per cent of the electorate missed them.

This is Pennsylvania.  Democracy started here!  Ben Franklin has always been one of my heroes.  I shudder to think at what Ben would say about that 23 per cent number.

Make it up to me and Ben.  Vote in November!  Please!!

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Week One


Sleeping Homer is making his first appearance of 2024, and you know what that means.   I'm on vacation!

I've really become a home body in recent years.  I'm satisfied doing nothing, and considering planes have been falling apart in mid air, it's not a bad idea.

I'll get some rest, nibble away at some books I've stacked up, and walk the park.

I also hope to get some camera time.  I've been cursed in recent weeks.  The weather has been awful during my regular days off.  I have to get at least one pleasant day during my vacation.

The blog will be updated.  Maybe some social media, too.

The weekend morning broadcasts are in good hands.

I'll call you back later.

Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The Numbers

 Just some quick thoughts on yesterday's election...

It will be interesting to see the turnout numbers.  With few contested races and in a primary, I'm surmising turnout wasn't great.  I passed several polling places while working and on my drive home.  I didn't see a lot of activity.

In the presidential race, a lot of people voted for candidates who have already withdrawn.  Both remaining candidates should take note of that.  There is a protest vote and a lot of angry voters.

Eugene DePasquale wins the Democratic nomination for attorney general.  No surprise.  He's won state wide office and has name recognition.  By the way, the candidate who touted how much the gun lobby hates him finished last.  Dave Sunday wins on the Republican side.

Malcolm Kenyatta wins the Democratic nomination for auditor general.  Again, a candidate who entered the race with strong name recognition and a solid base.

Fern Leard easily gets the Democratic nomination in the 120th.  She did have a lot of signs out yesterday.  Signs don't vote, but they do indicate cash to spend and a strong organization.  Brenda Pugh gets the Republican nomination here.

We heard about some glitches in the morning, and it appears Luzerne County avoided yet another catastrophic election day failure!!!

On to November!

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Vote 2024


Primary election day has finally arrived.

Let's just say it won't be a suspense filled evening.  Yes, there are some contested races, but, for the most part, plenty of candidates, especially incumbents have no opposition.  that makes me sad.  Always did.  Always will.  I do realize campaigns can be nasty and expensive, but someone has to do it.

Joe Biden's opposition for the Democratic presidential nomination, Dean Phillips, dropped out months ago, after a campaign that never really started.  Donald Trump's opponent, Nikki Haley, left the race after her Super Tuesday disaster.  Therefore, the case can be made to move up the Pennsylvania primary.  I was never really a fan of that.  Ask someone in the northern tier to vote on a cold, snowy, and icy day.  My opposition to an early primary lessened after main-in voting and drop boxes entered the picture.  You can vote from the comfort of your own home, without braving the elements.

Bob Casey and Dave McCormick will win their party's senate nominations easily today.  They have no opposition.  Both advertised heavily, anyway, to keep their names out there.  I'm sure there will be a little bit of a lull between today's primary and Labor Day.  After that, look out!  This will be a bruising contest, and that is putting it mildly.

I won't be voting today because I'm an Independent.  We have to sit out the primaries.  There have been attempts at change in Harrisburg.  There is strong opposition to opening primaries to Independents, and I doubt it will ever happen.

Regardless, I finished my election day preview stories weeks ago.  You'll see them on Newswatch 16 This Morning.

After work, it's home for a nap so I can see the numbers roll in tonight.

I'll try to squeeze in a little analysis here tomorrow.  

Please, vote if you can.

And one other note on how cameras are kept out of polling places when we should be celebrating freedom...  former Associated Press reporter Terry Anderson died over the weekend.  He was held hostage in Lebanon for seven years, just for doing his job.  It's a crime he was held so long.  Terry Anderson was 76.

Monday, April 22, 2024

Business Monday


This could have also fallen under the "Media Notes" banner, but business, it is.

Jimmy Fallon recently said that he wants to beat Johnny Carson's record 30 years hosting the "Tonight" show on NBC.

Sorry, Jimmy.  Not with those numbers.

All four late night shows are in the tank, and I'm including "The Daily Show" here.  Comedy Central recently lured Jon Stewart back to do one day a week, so the franchise doesn't die.

As I've said here, all four shows have the same political slant.  What business model calls for a general interest late night talk show to alienate half of its audience?  I don't care if you find the Colbert, Kimmel, Stewart and Fallon jokes funny or not, but night after night of the same thing gets tired, and tired fast.

Cable news is a little different.  FOX goes after the conservative audience.  MSNBC goes after the liberals, and I'm sure General Sarnoff is spinning in his grave because something under the NBC banner is so one sided.  CNN isn't sure what it is.  Note to CNN:  Just do the news!

The late night talk shows go after the same crowd.

Remember the days when you'd hear someone say "Did you hear what Johnny said last night?"  or "How about that bit on Letterman?"  Tom Snyder, Craig Ferguson and even James Cordon were capable of generating a buzz.  CBS went cheap and stuck a game show,  filled with no-names,  in the time slot.

Yes, I realize the networks want internet interest, as much as they do people tuning in at 11:35 pm.  I know it's a brave new world.

I'm fond of telling our newspaper brethren that they are their own worst enemies.  Television, welcome to the party.

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Andy's Angles: Nazareth Hall


This the student center at my alma mater, Marywood University in Scranton.  It was Marywood College back then.

Nazareth Hall!

I was a townie, so hanging out in the dorms was off limits back then.  The other choices included the library, that was actually a library.  It was a frequent destination.  I was also a radio rat, hanging out in the radio/tv/media center in the library's basement.  Even if I wasn't on the air, it was a magical place, with the teletype blasting out the news, and the newest music, mixed with classic rock coming out of the speakers.  It was also the place to throw the bull with your fellow communicators and it was a big department back then.  

Nazareth wasn't a big deal during my day-- the dining hall for dormies downstairs.  Couches, chairs, and tv's upstairs to help you kill time, the book store/merchandise store tucked in to a corner.

And, downstairs, my favorite part-- a little snack bar, and I forgot what it was called.  Blue and faux wood Formica everywhere.  Decent burgers, dogs, fries, and milkshakes, great staff, clean, reasonable prices.  I loved it and there was a communications table!  Believe it or not, I sat with the cool kids!  I'm sorry it was eliminated, at least after my time there.

It's to see the building updated a few times aver the years.  I'm not thrilled at the "Pacer Pub." going in, which the administration still won't address.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Andy's Angles: Almost


This almost became the April blog header, but I went with the buds.

I was passing the Times building in downtown Scranton recently-- and it all added up.  Windy morning, flag outstretched, beautiful blue sky.  I had the shutter at 1/2000 to freeze the flag.

By the way, what is the name of this building now?  The Times moved out and is now a block down Penn Avenue.  WEJL is still here.  Can it be the Scranton Times Building without the Times in it?

Friday, April 19, 2024

Friday Scrapple


I really want to get out with the camera, but the weather on my days off, every week, borders on awful.  I have some vacation time at the end of the month.  Let's hope the tide turns.

Outside of the news and "Barney Miller," I haven't been watching much television.  I did stumble across some old "Match Game" reruns.  Gee, Gene Rayburn made it look like hosting that show was a breeze, and it really wasn't.

Today's entry in "I recall the lyrics, even though I haven't heard the song in years...  Lobo's "Don't Expect Me to Be Your Friend."

Someone posts the "Final Jeopardy"" clue on You Tube every night, and I'll say it again.  Few things give more joy than nailing it when the contestants all miss it.  It happened again this week.

Bob Costas is calling for more sports journalism on television.  Good luck with that, Bob.  When the leagues pay the bills, they call the tune.

I can just imagine the relief of local law enforcement when Air Force One left the runway Wednesday morning.

The recent rash of mine subsidences is nothing short of frightening.  Considering our area's history, I'm surprised we don't have more.

It looks like Katie Couric is going through another round of grasping to be relevant.

I hope the new radio voice of the Yankees, replacing John Sterling, loves the team, the city, and more importantly, LOVES RADIO!  There is no better baseball sport than radio.

Salt Lake City is getting an NHL team?

Just about any old Glen Campbell song can make me smile.

We had another sports gambling scandal this week.  Tip of the iceberg, my friends.

Thursday, April 18, 2024

Daily Double: First Person + #Sad


Let's establish something right from the beginning.  The following statements have nothing to do with any particular politician or political party.  It is merely an observation of the times in which we live.


My Tuesday morning Newswatch 16 assignment was to do set up pieces for President Biden's visit to Scranton.  I was at the airport taking two angles.  One was Biden's history of visits.  The other was a look ahead to what was on the president's schedule.  Photographer Tim and I were at the airport before the major dome of security had descended.  It was a nice, quiet morning, with a fantastic sunrise.

After we wrapped up at 7:00 am, Tim and I had a couple of non presidential items on our list so we headed to the up valley and mid valley sections of Lackawanna County.  We wrapped up our tasks in an efficient manor, so I asked Tim to take the long way back to the office.  I was curious as to how Green Ridge and Downtown Scranton looked just before the president's visit.

North Washington Avenue was a "no parking" zone from Marywood University all the way to Lackawanna Avenue.  Downtown was where the real fun began.  Trash packmasters blocked the area near the Scranton Cultural Center.  What the garbage trucks didn't block, the dump trucks did.  Police and security were everywhere-- heavily armed.  It looked like a war had broken out.

I understand the need for security.  There are plenty of angry people out there, and protestors were everywhere.  Yes, the vast, vast majority of the protestors are peaceful people who have passion concerning their causes.  They're good people.  You can't take a chance.  I also understand the need for protest.  This country was built upon a protest.  It was called the American Revolution.

My ride home on Interstate 81 was uneventful.  I was about an hour ahead of the president.  Still, I could see the police at every overpass, at every cross over.  Penndot had big trucks waiting to block exits.  Again, I understand that.

It doesn't mean I have to like it.

I can still see that old newsreel film of John F. Kennedy's visit to the area-- the big crowds, free access.   Now, audiences are hand picked to ensure their friendliness.   During my broadcasting "career," I recall walking up to politicians and simply asking questions.  Governors, vice presidents, presidential and vice presidential candidates, people running for house, senate, and governor.  Now, reporters and photographers are kept in pens like animals because we might dare to ask a question.  And, there are places where we are threatened.  Serious threats.  Candidates and those already in office make announcements on web sites and You Tube because that is easier and safer than looking voters and journalists in the eye.

I respect the flag and I'm very proud of our Democracy (capital D).  I've voted in every election in which I've been eligible, and that will never change.


We have to fix this.

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

John Sterling


John Sterling retired as the radio voice of the New York Yankees this week.  He is 85.

Regular readers know I was not a fan.

I respect his years of service the the fans loved him, even though I did not.

Sterling's home run calls were tedious and self serving.  Age caught up with him.  He was blowing too many plays.

John Sterling was around long enough that he earned the right to choose the time of his retirement.  I'm sorry that he did not realize that he stayed at the party too long.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Robert MacNeil


Robert MacNeil died last week.  93.

Most will remember him from the nightly news hour on PBS  Yes, it was on the dry side.  It wasn't for everyone, but if it was a topic that interested me, I was there.  MacNeil and Jim Lehrer made a great team.  they complimented each other perfectly, and believe me, I know how difficult that can be and how rare it is.

Do yourself a favor and read about MacNeil's life.  He was NBC's man in Dallas on November 22, 1963.  It's just an amazing story.

MacNeil was one of those people in the news business I really admire.  He perfectly illustrated the "it's not about me, it's about the news" way of thinking,  and that is sorely lacking these days.

We lost a giant.

Monday, April 15, 2024

Unfinished Monday


I wasn't going to comment on last week's passing of OJ Simpson, but I just have to offer a few thoughts here.  He was an awful person, who benefitted from defense attorneys who abused the system, incompetent prosecutors and a judge who lost control of his courtroom.  Enough!

It's sad to read about the financial problems at Keystone College and rumors of its impending demise.  I hope the rumors are false.  Keystone fills a need here in our area, and it's a beautiful campus.

I wouldn't want to live next door to one, but if there is one type of construction project around here that riles people up, it's a mini mart.  It can take years to get one built.

Today is the income tax filing deadline.  Mine were done long ago, and I hope this is a painless day for you.  By the way, there has to be a simpler and more fair way of doing this.

The woes of the newspaper industry have been noted here several times in the past, and here is the latest.  The Centre Daily Times will only publish two days a week, Wednesday and Saturday.  It will be delivered by mail-- no carriers.  Digital is now.

Sunday, April 14, 2024

Andy's Angles: Growth

 Growth.  It seems like such a simple concept.  Yet, it is so elusive.

Always look to nature for inspiration.

Today, it's another spring time branch at Nay Aug Park in Scranton.

Saturday, April 13, 2024

About the Cover: Buds


I'm lucky to have Nay Aug Park only a few miles away.  It's a great place to visit when I'm in need of some camera therapy.

When it comes to "sweeping vistas," there isn't anything here I haven't photographed before, so that means it's time to go tight.

I shot these buds in the back, near the former amusement ride area.  They are no doubt little leaves by now.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Mixed Messages


There is a new book on the life of Barbara Walters, and the cover is above.

She was a trailblazer and every woman in the news business today owes her a debt of gratitude.  Barbara Walters was a fascinating individual.

Here is where the problem comes in.  I've read excerpts, and the book savages Harry Reasoner and Howard K. Smith-- two of the ABC News old guard.  Maybe they deserve it, and the book does appear to be well-sourced.  But, I just hate hammering people who aren't around to defend themselves.

Walters and Reasoner co-anchored what was then called the "ABC Evening News" in 1976, and it was a disaster.  Reasoner didn't want her there, and let's face it, Barbara Walters wasn't a very good news anchor.  She excelled in reporting and interviews, where she was later shifted at ABC.

Will I read "Rulebreaker?"  There is a good chance.  I have a growing stack of books I intend to devour, possibly when I have some time off this summer.

Just remember, some people aren't as awful as they might appear.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Unfinished Thursday


What is with all the bizarre crimes recently?  Chopped up bodies.  Torture.  Bodies found in basements.  Bodies found along highways.  Gang shootings.  Places that used to be safe are now dangerous.  It is severely depressing and troublesome.  Our little area used to be an oasis away from those things, and those days are over.

People are going crazy because the women's NCAA basketball championship game drew more eyeballs than the men's.   Let's take a closer look at that.  First, it's great that women's sports are getting major recognition.  The women's game had a great story-- an unbeaten South Carolina team, and the great Caitlin Clark for Iowa.  The women's game was on ABC on a Sunday afternoon while the men played Monday night on TBS.  Plus, the men's game didn't start until well after 9 pm in the eastern time zone.  Other than the chance of a Connecticut repeat, the men's game didn't have any really compelling story.  And, ABC is in far more homes than TBS.

Numbers can tell you a lot, but they don't reveal everything.

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Here's to Erie!


It was great to see Erie in the spotlight, or the total darkness, Monday.  The northwestern Pennsylvania city was in the path of the total solar eclipse.  The clouds parted long enough for people there to get a great look at the eclipse.

I'm fond of the city.

My first visit was in the spring of 1994, and I was covering Tom Ridge's gubernatorial campaign.  A photographer and I took the long way out-- across Route 6.  It was a long drive, but one of the most scenic-- small towns, historic courthouses, trains...

As fate would have it, there was a near total eclipse on that first visit.

I became so fond of the Route 6 journey that I took it several times, recreationally, over the years.  

Erie has come a long way.  The area along the bay has been developed.  A lot of the old, grimy, industrial sites are gone and it's a lovely place to visit.

The only drawback is the nine month long winter.

I really wasn't into photography as much back then, so I don't have any photos to share, but if you ever get the chance, stop by.  You won't be sorry.

Friends tell stories that they had a great time in Erie Monday.  I saw the video.  The city is looking good.

I think Erie has turned the corner and no longer is the joke of Pennsylvania.

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Follow Up Tuesday


I still haven't heard an explanation from the Scranton parking people as to why meters are enforced on MLK Day, but not Juneteenth.

While half of the staff was out chasing the solar eclipse yesterday, Ally Gallo and I held down our morning broadcast, which was great fun.  It's always nice to do a little something different during the week.

Speaking of the eclipse, I thought it was a great event, and I'm happy that people were "in" to something so positive.  However, I became sick of the hype weeks ago, and I'm thrilled its over.

I finally used up the last of those flavorless cellophane wrapped  jalapeno cheese slices.  I will say this.  I microwaved a pepperoni sandwich with a couple of those cheese slices on top.  It's a good melter!

We do keep a careful eye on the presidential and senate polls.  It should make for an entertaining fall.

Crazy weather lately, but that is to be expected at this time of year.

The Oakland Athletics will play in Oakland for one more year.  It's then off to Sacramento for three years, and finally Las Vegas.  Yes, the owner is a penny pinching scoundrel who is not investing n the team, but Oakland rarely supported the team.  The stadium is the worst in the league.  They weren't going to build a new one, so off they go.

A movie studio is in the running to buy CBS.  Conventional wisdom has the studio keeping the CBS property, Paramount, and selling off the network and the TV stations.  Friends, this is the beginning of the end.  

By the way, CBS just closed its Tokyo bureau.  Asia is one of the most volatile places in the world, and CBS will now rely on the BBC to tell it what's going on.

It seems like even more people are ignoring Pennsylvania's "wipers on, lights on" law.

Monday, April 8, 2024

EclipseWatch 2024


I realize that by the time many of you are reading this, the Great Eclipse of 2024 will be over.

My excitement level is severely lacking.

I did witness a near total eclipse back in the spring of 1994.  Erie was in the path, and it was there covering Tom Ridge's run for governor.  I will admit it was cool, but it did not live up to the hype.

Parents are taking their kids on trips into the path of totality, and that is absolutely fantastic.  This is a great shareable moment.  Other than that, I can do without the mayhem.  Warnings were posted about traffic issues.  Hotels in the path of the eclipse are charging outrageous rates.

View it, but do so carefully.  And, please, keep your sanity.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Andy's Angles: The Purple Thumb


I've always stood in awe of people who have the ability to grow things-- from the farmer with thousands of acres, to the backyard gardeners, with just a few square feet.

I don't have the skill.  I don't have the patience.  I don't have the tolerance to deal with fickle weather.

I was blessed with the ability to appreciate the talent of others and the simple majesty of nature.

There is just something about spring time.  New Growth.  Color emerging from the bleakness of fall and winter.

If you ever are feeling down, just take a walk around Nay Aug Park in Scranton.  A little color will do you good.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Andy's Angles: The Daffodil


Spring is a cruel time of year.  Sunny and warm one day, below freezing the next.

The daffodils came out early, during a warm spell last month, only to have their buds frozen off late in the month.

This is a shot from the flower garden on the Arthur Avenue side of Nay Aug Park in Scranton.

Better days are ahead.  At least, that's what I keep telling myself.

Friday, April 5, 2024

Harry and Joe

 Harry Smith retired from NBC News last week.  He'd been there for 12 years.  It was a long stay at CBS before that.  Smith started his career in local TV and radio.

I always loved the guy.  Smooth delivery, great writing, TV Guide once called him one of the best interviewers on morning television.

Smith handled the CBS morning show during a few of its many, many  incarnations.   He never seemed to be the guy CBS went to first, but they went to him eventually.  I can relate to that.

Smith will now teach at Central College in Iowa, and I hope his students realize how lucky they are.

Moving on...

Joe Flaherty died April 1.

His movie and television appearances are too numerous to list here.  I'll always remember Flaherty for all the side splittingly funny characters he did on SCTV.  If you're unfamiliar with the show, do yourself a favor and do a search.  SCTV is one of the most underrated series of all times.  Melonville lost one of the best.

Joe Flaherty was 82.

Thursday, April 4, 2024

Just My Luck!


I had a medical check up last week.  Routine.  Nothing major.  It was my first in two years.  Yes, I know that's bad.

I knew my doctor would order blood work.  I saw that coming.  Yes, I know it's routine.  As a preemptive strike, I fasted before my medical appointment, so I wouldn't have to go back for the blood work.  Easy.  I finished with the doctor on the second floor.  Next stop:  the first floor lab.  After a quick jab, I was out the door.  

Life is not without complications.  The doctor also wanted a urine sample.  I didn't have to go!  We skipped that and rescheduled for Monday afternoon, right after work.  I didn't have to go all the way to the lab in the same building as my doctor.  I could drop by the lab a just couple of miles from home.

Sounds like a plan!

I drank my body weight in Diet Pepsi while I was at the office Monday morning.  Water, too.  I came tearing in to the lab's parking lot at 12:40, twenty minutes before my appointment.  My bladder couldn't hold another drop.

Imagine my horror when I saw the sign on the door:  the lab staff would be out to lunch until 1 pm.  I had to hold it!

In case I couldn't, there were several stores and restaurants within running distance.  Fate smiled on me.  The old bladder can still get the job done.

The lab reopened at exactly 1 pm, and I jumped out of my car, bolting for the lab's door.

I was doing the "I really have to pee" dance as the attendant asked all the required questions.  I asked her to hurry up because I really had to go.  I was never as happy as I was when she handed me the cup.  

I could have filled a dozen of them.

At least, I don't have to go through that ordeal for another six months.

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Wednesday Scrapple


Today's entry in the "you know the lyrics, even though you haven't heard the song in eons" is "Count Me In" by Gary Lewis and the Playboys.

It's a cold and rainy week, and I don't really mind.  It will be unbearably hot and humid before you know it.

I know I say this every year, but the opening week of Major League Baseball did nothing for me.

Billion dollar lottery jackpots are tempting, but I'll keep my dollar in my pocket.

I've seen a solar eclipse before.  The upcoming one really doesn't thrill me.

Why do four local newspapers, in different cities, look almost identical?

GMail is now 20 years old.  Yawn.  It's no better or worse than the others out there.

April Fool's Day jokes were never funny.

No great stories coming out of the NCAA basketball tournament this year, but I always liked the speed in which this thing starts and stops, unlike the NHL and NBA playoffs.

Soup is great, even after the weather turns warm.

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The Master


Peter Marshall, the first host of "The Hollywood Squares" turned 98 over the weekend, and he appears to be doing great.

There are several "Hollywood Squares" episodes on You Tube.  Watch carefully,  and observe how Marshall runs the show.

After Kenny Williams introduces the nine celebrities and then the host, Marshall simply says hello to the audience, the stars, and has a quick chat with the contestants.  Then, it's on to the game.  In an interview, Marshall said he knew his job was to ask the questions, get out of the way, and let the celebrities do their thing.  It was all about the game, not him.

I also saw an interview with series regular, Rose Marie.  She commented on how Marshall knew when to work a line, and more importantly, when to back off.

Watch our weekend morning broadcasts.  After three quick headlines, I say hello and toss it to Ally for a quick shot of weather.  It's then right in to the news.  I never believed in wasting your time, and it's all about the news, not me!  Beware those types who think they are bigger than the news, and they are everywhere.

Happy birthday, Peter Marshall, and thank you for the inspiration.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Business Monday


Some widely varied items today...

Every engineering expert says there is no bridge in the country that would have survived a hit like the one the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore took last week.

Once again, it shows the fragility of the American infrastructure.  The last time I checked, the country is surrounded by water.  Yet, the loss of the port of Baltimore inflicts a major blow to the American economy.  If it's in your home, there is a good chance it came through that port.  That fact simply amazes me.

Shifting gears...

In a major plus for both companies, McDonalds announced it will have Krispy Kreme donuts in all of its stores by the end of 2026.  Recent testing proved to be a major success.  McDonald's will carry only a few varieties, and they will be available all day.  While McDonald's has a great track record of inventing new products, there is nothing like taking something already a hit and bringing it in to your orbit.

Sports gambling is a huge business.  The Dodgers, its star pitcher and his interpreter are currently trying to spin their way out of a betting scandal.  Good luck with that, and get used to it.  There will eventually be something involving gambling that will shake professional and college sports to its core.

And, speaking of "getting used to it,"  the NFL will be selling more exclusive games to streaming services.  Two points of blame.  One is the greed of the NFL.  The other is all the people who bought the Peacock playoff game in January, proving to the league that its fans can be fleeced.