Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Election Day

Even though it's "only" a primary, this is one of the most interesting and most important elections we've had in a while.  You should be part of it.

It's noteable for who "isn't" on the ballot.  Bob Mellow and Ray Musto are retiring.  The state constitution keeps Ed Rendell from seeking a third term. 

Arlen Specter "is" on the ballot, but he's now a Democrat.

Paul Kanjorski is still around.  The only thing standing between Kanjorski and a rematch with Lou Barletta is Corey O'Brien.  Kanjorski hasn't had strong Democratic competition is eons. 

Chris Carney is up for a third term.  There is no Democratic opponent, but three Republicans going for the nomination.

There are some contested state house seats.  Unfortunately, many will waltz back to Harrisburg without opposition.

Vote today.  Watch the returns tonight on WNEP.

The suspense is killing me.