Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Felt It

I was sitting at my computer a little before 2 yesterday afternoon when I felt the house shake and sway.  It was the same feeling as a big truck passing by-- except this lasted for a few more seconds.

At the moment, it wasn't frightening.  Then, as I flipped on the TV and started fishing for information on the computer, it sunk in.  NEPA is no different than any other spot on the planet.  We can get earthquakes.

A major reason for concern is our communications system.  I was in the midst of a text thing with a friend, when service dropped out, and it stayed out for quite a while.  Imagine if this was the big one.

I read where earthquakes are actually quite common around here, but most are too small to feel.

This is actually the second I've experienced.  I was sitting in the WNEP newsroom on a weekend morning several years ago, when the windows shook for a brief moment.  I didn't feel the earthquake, but I saw it.

Earthquakes are strange.  I've always wondered what they felt like, yet I never wanted to be in the middle of one.

Now, I've had a taste, and that's more than enough.