Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time Passages

The news was disturbing.  One of my favorite churches is being torn down to make room for a parking lot.

Holy Family Church on North Washington Avenue in Scrantron had been closed for a while.  This is the view from the Gibson Street side, which was the most favorable sun angle during my early morning visit.

It's a beautiful building, with plenty of red brick, tiled roof, and a distinct, weathered steeple.
I liked this church for more than its architectural features.  It was a big part of the Scranton Slovak community for a very long time.  I made a few visits here during Holy Week because it was the distribution point for Easter baskets for families in need.  That's one of my favorite stories every year because the families were always appreciative of the help, and so many people volunteered to be part of the project.  When you get a regular diet of death and destruction, a positive story is a fantastic breath of fresh air.

I'm trying to look at this rationally.  The church was closed as part of the diocese's downsizing.  It was unlikely to be reopened, or for another organization to step in.  There isn't much you can do with an old church, and renovating it for another use is cost prohibitive.

When the church is gone, it will provide parking for the near by Commonwealth Medical College.  The College is our future, so anything that helps it survive and thrive is a good thing.

Some heavy equipment was being moved in during my picture taking expedition.  I'm glad I got there before it was too late, and I'm glad I spent some memorable mornings inside.