Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Happened?

Yesterday was a day off, and I found myself out on the road quite a bit earlier than usual. There was no time for breakfast at home, so I considered having a quick sandwich at a fast food restaurant or one of those 24 hour mini marts. Those options disappeared because I craved something different. I dropped by a place I hadn't visited in years: Denny's.

I pulled in to the parking lot in Dickson City just after 5 AM. It was deserted. The waitress was outside the front door having a smoke. I asked if it was open. The reply was "yes," so I parked the car and ventured in. I was the one and only customer.

The waitress told me I could sit wherever I liked. I looked around, and asked "What did you do with the counter?" Apparently, Denny's ditched the counters some time ago, and that tells you a lot about the last time I was there. I grabbed a small booth where the counters used to be.

Service was fast because it wasn't like the poor waitress had a crush of customers. I ordered the western omlette. It was on my table in a flash. I've had better. I've had worse. I've had less expensive breakfasts.

The reason I was out so early was to get some blood work. One of the Scranton hospitals has a 24 hour lab. The hunger came from the 12 hour fast necessary before the needle pokes your arm.

If I didn't have high cholesterol before, I certainly do now.