Friday, January 18, 2013

Final Four

The NFL is down to the final four.

My replacement for the Steelers as the sentimental favorite, the Houston Texans, got knocked out last week.  Let's break down Sunday's games.

The second game first-- Baltimore at New England.  I wish both teams could lose, but it doesn't work that way.  Baltimore has a bunch of showboating thugs.  New England has been caught cheating.  The Patriots are a nine point favorite.  I think New England wins, but I'd take Baltimore and the points.

The first game Sunday is San Francisco at Atlanta.  I underestimated both teams last weekend.  Atlanta gets four points.  I think San Francisco is stronger than that, so look for a 49'ers/Patriots Super Bowl with New England winning in a walk.

As noted last week, as far as sentimentality goes, Atlanta doesn't have any major negatives in my book.  I'll be rooting for the Falcons Sunday, and it's likely I'll be disappointed again.