Friday, January 25, 2013


I try to keep public complaints about my job to a minimum here.  The money's OK.  I work with some great individuals, on and off the air.  I get to meet interesting people and see unusual things.

Yes, the hours can wear you down, and you see a lot of sadness and tragedy.  You get a front row seat to the inefficiencies and incompetence of government, at all levels.

Having said all that, we had two days of promo shoots this week.  One was for our new 4:30 AM broadcast.  One day was devoted to publicity stills and some generic video of the anchor team in action.

Two words:  sheer torture.

I've been on the radio since 1979 and on TV since 1990.  I've always hated the way I've looked and sounded.  Posing for pictures never fails to make me uncomfortable, even after all these years.  Yes, I know it comes along with the territory.

The photo you see above was taken just as we were wrapping up Wednesday morning.  As you can see by my smile, I was happy it was over.

See you tomorrow morning at 5 and Monday morning at 4:30.