Monday, February 3, 2014

About the Cover

I've played around with my camera, on the Pittston waterfront, a dozen times.  Yet, there's always something different in the viewfinder.

I usually set out to shoot a blog header with something in mind.  February is always a challenge.  It's a winter month, with just the tiniest hint of spring time at the end of the month.  The shot above is all winter, all the time.

The first bridge you see is on Water Street.  It's the Firefighters Memorial Bridge.  The Fort Jenkins Bridge is in the background.  Pittston is on the right.  West Pittston is on the left.  The shores are iced over, but considering we've had sub zero cold lately, it wasn't as much ice as I expected.

The blue sky and the left over snow add to the feeling of chilliness.  I'm going to try to get back when the ice breaks up and floats downstream.