Thursday, February 20, 2014

First Person: Another Snow Day

It is easier to talk about one foot of snow rather than one inch.

Fate smiled on me the past two weeks.  A pair of whopper storms fell on my days off, and I had the pleasure of watching the snow fall from the big office chair at my home computer desk.

Fate got its revenge Tuesday morning.

All indications were a nuisance storm was on the way, without about five inches falling across our area.  The timing was poor-- right in the middle of the morning commute.  It would dangerously complicate rides to work and school.

Well, there was a quick burst of snow around 3 AM.  It was followed by a several hour lull that seemed interminable.  Try standing in dry weather and describing all the problems caused by one inch of snow.  You know what's interesting about one inch of snow?  Nothing.
There was still important information to get out, so we stayed until 8:30 AM.  PennDOT did a nice job of  clearing Interstate 80 at the Buckhorn exit clear.  We tell you when roads are bad.  You should also know when roads are good.

We also gave a quick tour of our little neighborhood, including a snow covered bike chained to a pole, and a restaurant's grease dumpster.
It wasn't much of a storm-- bad TV, but good for winter weary Pennsylvanians.  I was happy to get back in the van with photographer Jason and head back to the office.
I've tried to avoid becoming part of the "sick of winter" chorus.  After all, it's only mid February, and there's certainly more snow and ice to come.