Thursday, February 13, 2014


I say it every year...  I just passed my favorite day of the year.  It rivals Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Labor Day.  It's the day I meet with my account to get my taxes done.

The size of the refund or payment is irrelevant.  It's the peace of mind, and the knowledge that an annoying task are in the past that's important.  Plus, my accountant is a nice man, and I always enjoy our visits.  There's not a lot of small talk-- a little at the beginning of the session, and a little at the end.  I love that it's so business like.  The professionalism is intoxicating.

I also think my tax guy likes seeing me.  My paperwork is always in order and well prepared.  I hit the door ready to go with all my forms and my numbers set to be crunched.

We beat the storm by about 12 hours, and that's an added bonus.

There is noting to worry about for another year.