Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sticker 1

I promised to scan some of my old radio station bumper sticker collection into the blog earlier this week.

This seems like a good starting point, my first radio station, WARM 590.

These stickers were distributed prior to my 1981 arrival.  I honestly don't remember if they were connected to a contest or promotion.  I also don't remember if I acquired this sticker before or after I started working there.

I learned Saturday afternoon that the stickers were part of a promotion with Giant supermarkets-- the regional chain that went out of business, not the Giant stores that you see today.

The stickers had a lot of plusses.  They were big.  You could spot them a mile away.

The look didn't work for me.  They were too generic.  While the station's logo was red, white, and blue, this wasn't the font used in the rest of the station's promotions.

Unfortunately, the bumper stickers were made of paper, not vinyl or plastic.  They shriveled up after one good rain.  They fell apart after a day in the sun.  All you were left with was a mass of gummy residue on your bumper.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.