Saturday, January 23, 2010


One can write volumes about WNAK, am 730, licensed to Nanticoke.

For many years, it was a daytime only operation, featuring American Standards.  That's radio biz speak for Sinatra and big bands.  The station was always near the top of the ratings.  It had an older, but fiercely loyal audience.

Several notable broadcasters got their start here, including Hugh Finn, Brian Carey, and Mark Thomas.

WNAK was odd in a number of ways.  It kept the red and blue "N" logo, long after NBC dumped it.  The owner refused to play commercials on Sundays, so he received special permission from NBC Radio to record the commercials that ran in network top-of-the-hour newscasts, and run them the next day.

For much of its existence, WNAK was a 1,000 watt daytime-only operation.  It now broadcasts after sundown with a big 12 watt signal.

The old studio on Prospect Street in Nanticoke was torn down a couple years ago.  If memory serves, it used to be a funeral home.  It's now a parking lot.

Nothing lasts forever.  The station was sold.  The new owner went Spanish.  The listeners disappeared, and even after the switch back to a standards-style format, they didn't come back.   WNAK is in the process of yet another sale.