Friday, July 29, 2011

Mailing it In

It is one of those heart versus head conflicts.

The United States Postal Service is in trouble.  Business is down.  Costs are up.

The Postal Service has proposed closing thousands of small town post offices as a way to save money.  Saturday delivery is also on the chopping block.

I'd hate to see it happen, but I can understand it.

Post offices are part of the fabric of the community, places that give a small town its identity.

I can live without Saturday delivery, and I'm all for it if it makes the system stronger.

Personally, all I really need is a place to buy stamps.  I'l lucky in that I work near a big post office that has an automated stamp machine in the lobby.  I wish the postal service would install more of those in stores and malls.

It's rare that I ship a package or a big envelope.  When I do, I appreciate the expertise of the USPS employee behind the counter.

Trying to make lemonade out of this lemon, a cut back at the USPS opens up more opportunity for the private services and those "pack and send" places.  Filling the government void could create jobs.

Speaking of government, the debate over a plan to get the state out of the liquor business continues in Harrisburg.

The process is fascinating.  It's clear the state needs some sort of reform and modernization.  It's unclear how far Harrisburg is willing to go.  It's possible the current system can remain, with some modifications.  There are those pushing a plan to turn just about everything over to private enterprise.

Harrisburg moves at a glacial place, so you can bet that this one won't be decided for quite a while.