Monday, February 18, 2013


It is a day most people dread.  Me?  I look forward to it.

Last week, I met with my accountant.  Yes, it was income tax day.

The money is secondary.  President Obama owes me a few dollars.  I owe Governor Corbett some money.  It's not a lot, maybe enough to fill a couple potholes along Interstate 81.

If it's not the money, what is it?  It's the peace of mind.

I used to pride myself on doing my own taxes, but things have grown complicated over the years.  I lucked on to a really good accountant several years ago, and I've been very happy.  He subscribes to my one and only rule tax rule, one I stole from Tony Kornheiser:  "Keep me out of jail."

We talk.  He asks questions and punches numbers into a computer.  He goes over all my paperwork.  I ask questions.  An hour later, we're done and I have another year of freedom.