Monday, August 24, 2015

Modern Problems

I do not publicly complain about my job.  As those in organized crime say, "This is the life we have chosen."  Also, we have the greatest jobs in the world.  We're the first to know things.  We have the opportunity to go to places and meet people that others don't have.

However, the job does have its challenges.  "Inside" stuff generates blog hits, so here we go.

Let's take you back to Tuesday morning, and that huge water main break in Kingston.

It was one of the hottest days of summer, and fluid intake is vital.  But, when you're in an area without working toilets, it presents issues.  I usually have a bottle of diet cola close at hand.  It was tiny sips rather than slugs, and I made it through the morning, without having to run for "cover" behind a bush.

After one of my 16 live reports that day, Joe Snedeker remarked that I needed some short sleeved dress shirts.  According to most style guides, there is no such thing as a short sleeved dress shirt, because short sleeved shirts are not "dress" wear.  I was okay with my usual attire, long sleeved dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up a tad.  I'm a "sleeve roller upper" even in the dead of winter.

Moving up a bit, my top button was done and my tie neatly knotted.  A friend noticed I looked  uncomfortable.  Heck, it was sunny and 90.  She texted me with the message "Pants are for losers."  It cracked me up, and it created a nice moment of relief during a difficult day.

I always remember what a letter carrier told me, while I was doing a hot weather story several years ago.  The letter carrier told me he likes the cold better because you can always put on another layer, but there's a limit to how much you can take off.

Keep your pants on.