Thursday, August 6, 2015

Razor's Edge

I do it every vacation, even though I say I won't.  I grow a beard.  There are advantages.  There are times your face needs a break from a daily scraping with a surgically sharp piece of steel.

I really shouldn't.  It comes in grey.  It makes me look old.  It itches, but the big problem occurs when it's time to come back to work and take it off.

I always find the beard is too long for a razor, but too short for a clipper/trimmer.  The vacation that ended last week was the worst.  I hacked myself up pretty good.   Thank heaven for my styptic pencil and the laundry treatment spray that got blood stains out of one of my towels.

Vacation weeks are coming up again in September and October.  I hope to find a happy and bloodless medium, like shaving every other day or every third day.  We'll see what happens.