Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday Scrapple

I will never understand why people don't grind their own pepper.  The pre-ground stuff has absolutely no flavor.

It's about time professional sports leagues stop being afraid of Las Vegas.

I know everyone says it all the time, but the year really is flying by.

Change is natural.  However, it's startling to watch the upheaval in American retail.  Some big names are gone, or are going.  It seems like just about everyone, except the discounters, are downsizing.

It has a clear political agenda, and there are times it goes too far, but the NY Post is always an entertaining read.

You have to wonder how the greats, like Chancellor, Smith, Cronkite, Reasoner, Murrow, Reynolds, and Jennings would handle the current political climate in Washington.

Even though most of the time I buy nothing more than a soft pretzel, I still enjoy walking around a mall.

I know how it works, but USPS, UPS and FedEx package tracking still fascinates me.

Crayola changes one color and gets billions in free publicity.  Genius.  The same goes for Monopoly tokens.  By the way, how has Monopoly survived all these years.  I always found it to be long and boring.

The circus has entertained millions over the years, but big cats and other animals shouldn't be crammed into cages and hauled around the country via train.

I'm not a pierogi fan.  However, I recently noticed pizza flavored ones.  Meh.  The ricotta was rather chalky.

Every town and every street has potholes, but there are some monsters on Olyphant Avenue in Scranton and the city should jump on this right away.