Saturday, August 12, 2017

Andy's Angles: Piggies

I will start with a confession:  I don't like stuffed cabbage, or pigs in a blanket.  I like all the components-- beef, rice, cabbage, and tomato sauce.  However, when you combine them all, it really doesn't work for me.

My Monday morning assignment was to head to St. Mary's Church in Mocanaqua.  They were making 1,000 piggies for a Labor Day weekend festival.

It was an amazing operation-- steaming, separating, mixing, rolling, cooking, freezing...

The participants were a little shy at first, but they eventually relaxed and opened up around the cameras and microphones.  After all, they know the value of good advertising.  Thousands and thousands of people would see the story.  Judging from reaction out on the streets this week, the piggies will be in big demand at this year's picnic.  They're huge-- enormous cabbage leaves, and you get a cup of meat in each, with very little rice as filler.  Volunteers were proud to state it's real rice, not Minute Rice.

That's the piggy making process.  Tomorrow, inside TV.