Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Warped Perspective

It started on Newswatch 16 Sunday Morning.  Meteorologist Noreen Clark said we'd have an all day rain Monday.  My eyes lit up and my heart started to flutter.

It got worse when meteorologist Joe Snedeker also called for an all day Monday rain.

All I could think about was getting home from work, crawling in to bed, and sleeping away a rainy day.  No screaming children playing in the street.  No teens bouncing a basketball on the way to the playground down the block.  No lawn mowers.  No weed whackers.  No leaf blowers.  Just the sound of rain on the roof.  Bliss!

I love my job, and I'm not complaining about the hours I work.  It's my choice.  But, it does put a premium on quality sleep, which is harder to come by in the summer.  I'm one of those people who actually looks forward to the earlier sunsets when Standard Time arrives.

If you had outdoor plans yesterday, I'm sorry.  Look on the bright side.  I slept great.