Saturday, January 12, 2019

About the Cover

This is the Col. Duffy statue on the Moosic Street side of the Harrison Avenue bridge in Scranton.  This statue replaces an identical one that had to be removed for construction of the new bridge.  That old statue will be restored and displayed at the Steamtown National Historic Site.
I can't say I'm thrilled with the photos.  It was a dark grey day.  I tweaked the colors and lighting for the header photo, but what you see here is the untouched version.

I'm not a kid any more, but this statue always reminds me of Sunday afternoons with my aunt in Avoca.  My father would come to pick us up.  We'd ask him to go home "through the towns" to extend that weekend just a little longer.  Interstate 81 wouldn't have been that much faster, but driving through Moosic, Scranton, and Dunmore seemed longer.  When I saw the Duffy Park statue, I knew I was close to home.  The location might have changed.  The feeling is the same.

I hope I find something on a sunny day for February.