Monday, February 25, 2019

Monday Scrapple

I know Jussie Smollett is innocent until proven guilty, but Chicago has a crime problem.  I just think police wasted a lot of time on this because Smollett needed some attention.

Manny Machado is getting $30 million a year from the San Diego Padres.  Good for him!  Always happy to see people get big paychecks.

Samsung is out with a foldable smart phone.  It starts as the regular smart phone size and doubles to tablet size.  NO!!!  I wanted it the other way around.  I wanted it to start the size of those old clam shell phones and expand to smart phone size.  I really miss the convenient size of the flip phones.  Starting price for the foldables is $2,000  I'll look, but the credit card will stay in the pocket.

I'm really tired of the Colin Kaepernick saga.  He has the right to protest and he did shed light on a bad situation in this country.  On the other hand, the protest was viewed as disrespectful and he wasn't very good at his job.

What is it with the recent spurt of "kitchen sink" storms?

There are few things better in life than a toasted bagel.

Those outdoor NHL games are no longer a novelty, but I still enjoy them.

The lieutenant governor is coming to our area this weekend as part of his legalized recreational marijuana listening tour.  The state needs the money.  It seems like the lieutenant governor and his boss already have their minds made up.

I didn't think a Nike athletic shoe could explode like that.

February always moves along faster than January.

I'd like to offer some perspective on last night's Academy Awards, but I haven't been to a theater since 2012.

Scranton Times columnist Chris Kelly wrote a column about his alcoholism yesterday.  I can't say I know him well, but I enjoy his work.  We all wish him the best.