Thursday, February 14, 2019


It is rare that you will find me in agreement with a state and/or Penndot policy, but here it is.

The state has been quick to pull the trigger on truck bans during snow and ice storms this winter.  Bravo!

I do feel sorry for the men and women who earn a living by driving these things.  It's hard work.  The vast, vast majority are decent and honorable people.  But, let's face the facts.  Trucks don't do well in ice and deep snow.

I put on a lot of miles during Tuesday's snow and ice storm.  It was a relief not having to worry about a jackknifed tractor trailer blocking the road.  It was wonderful not having your vision diminished by a big rig splashing slush all over your windshield.  Yes, I know that's unavoidable.

The ban wasn't all that long, but it did go an enormous way toward keeping our highways safe and open.

Keep it up!