Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I placed a "Site Meter" on the blog one year ago today. It tracks the number of hits. On this first anniversary, we're just a few away from 63,000.

I'm constantly amazed that people take a few moments out of their day to read this, and thank you for stopping by.

It's a treat when someone says they read this thing every day, and many of the hits come from far outside the area.

For some strange reason, the blog seems to be well read in Harrisburg and New Jersey. Why? I really don't know.

A foreign hit comes in from time to time. I think the record for distance is the Netherlands.

Someone from San Diego checks in just about every day. The same goes for Wisconsin and there are always a few Texans dropping by on weekdays.

Mid week is peak time for blog hits, and the most popular blogs are the ones that deal with "inside television" stories.

The peak month was October of last year. I really can't offer a reason.

I Googled myself not too long ago, and discovered that some of my photos appear on other blogs and web sites. I'm not complaining. I've "borrowed" from others during the four and a half year life of the blog.

Again, thanks for being here, and tell a friend.

>>>UPDATE<<< The San Diego blog reader has revealed himself. He's a Carbon County native, now working in SD television. One mystery has been solved.